Landscaping for Beginners

Whether you want a glow up for your outdoor space so you can add value to your home or you just want to doll it up to have a space of leisure on the weekends when you are free of work, landscaping might be something overwhelming to do for a beginner. 

When we want to make something pretty, we are often flooded with good ideas and sometimes we browse on the internet so much for possible ways on how to do it or how to start it, however it can mess with our heads and instead of a good and pretty outcome, it becomes a circus. So how can a beginner start his or her landscaping journey? Here are some easy tips so you can start you landscaping today! 

  1. Yard assessment 

Landscaping does not only mean arranging your yard so you can place your plants to where you want them, more than that, landscaping can be a way to give you space to relax outdoors. Relaxing outdoors can be difficult with the heat of the sun, that’s why if you want to start a landscape journey, the first thing to remember is which part of your yard the shine the most? Through knowing this alone, you can have a clue on where you should put things, moreover if you have plants that needs lesser exposure to sunlight, you know where you can plant them while ensuring their health and growth moving forward.  

  1. Have your own space 

Before you start digging around, look for spaces where it is suitable for you. Do you want a space that has a bit more lighting form the sun or somewhere the sun does not really hit you. This time you can also think of how it intersects with your home’s design. Does the space directly face the windows of your home? Where will you put the pathway that will connect with the way to your indoor area?  

  1. Simplicity is key 

If you think it needs to have every detail possible and something extravagant and complicated will ensure you will have a nice landscape outcome then maybe yes, however a simple design will also get the work done just the same. Landscaping is not always having a complicated design come to life, sometimes it only needs to complete the functionality you need.  

  1. Get the view right 

Look beyond your landscape. Do you have a nice view nearby? If you do, grab the opportunity to make sure that view is seen in your landscape spot, especially the spot where you assigned a seat for coffee or relaxation. Remove any obstruction that may hid the view from your sight or maybe plant something in the spot that can help enhance the view in your spot.  

  1. Pick your favorite plants 

A landscape is not complete without plants. Involve plants that love lounging in the sun in the areas that are sunny and plants that does not really enjoy the sun much in areas that are shaded. If you want your space to have a bit more color, insert some flowers in your plan as well.  

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