Welcome to Peking Gourmet Chinese Restaurant's website! Here, you can explore our, history, chef's specialties, contact information, answers to frequently asked questions and on-line coupons (in near future). We are proud to say that we have been serving delicious, authentic Chinese cuisine since 1985 at the heart of Orange County, with the same experienced chef and friendly staff. We hope you'd enjoy your virtual visit and find our website informative.... and don't forget to come back for our on-line-only coupons and news announcements.

If you are anxious about seeing our location and decor, you can view our restaurant via virtual photographs (as seen above). These photographs will help you to vizualize our interior for your future reservations and surrounding environment. Simply click on the photograph and drag it from left to right or vice versa to experience the 3D environment:

Exterior : main entrance and parking
Lobby : waiting area and glimpse of our main hall
Main Hall/Dining Room : main dining area
Private Hall/Dining Room : private area for group dining experience